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As of 22 April 2003

Version Beta 0.0031a

About This Application.



Using the Program..

Some Screen Shots.

Starting the Viewer

Reporting Bugs!

Converting PFD Files.

Version Status.


About This Application

This folder contains the software application that is under development for being able to easily read and edit SEPS files.

This new application is being developed in house to make it easier and quicker to perform changes to existing PFDs and the Criteria.

The intent of this application is to permit making easy changes, and then rerunning SEPS to regenerate and calculate the PFD totals.  The basic steps are:


Create the initial PFD in SEPS, 


Convert the newly created SEPS PFD, by running the converter on the project directory


Use this SEPS Viewer application to rapidly make your changes, printing special reports and PFDs


Return to SEPS for zipping, and doing any further calculations based upon new input data.


This application is still in development and will permit you to change your SEPS generated PFD files without any self-protection.  Do NOT make changes to code fields (e.g. JSNs, ROOM Codes, DEPT_Codes, etc.).  Making such changes may possibly corrupt your PFD.

The application does not currently flag all changes made.  SEPS requires these flags to recognize the need to regenerate the PFD.  Thus you may have to make some type of change back in SEPS to update your changes permanently into SEPS.


Following is a list of the files needed for using the SEPS Viewer.


22 April 2003 (13MB)

This is a complete install of the latest (as of 22 April 2003) application with all support files, and a copy of criteria.  This new install supports removal of the application in the future.  This file contains all of the following sub files, and is the recommended method for installing the application.


22 April 2003

This file should be copied into your \SEPSVO\Bin directory.  This is a new main executable for the Viewer application and will be present when there has been a subsequent update / bug correction since the InstallDisk creation. 

HHSEPSConverter.exe (Version 0.02)

10 April 2003


10 April 2003


10 April 2003

This is the SEPS Space and Equipment file converter utility. The title should indicate that it is version 0.02.  This will correct problems with index files. You must download all three executables and copy them into the SEPSVO\Bin directory.  It will allow the conversion of SEPS space and equipment planning files for use by the SEPS viewer (SEPS Viewer application does not read the equipment files yet).


22 April 2003


8 April 2003


7 April 2003


13 March 2003


13 March 2003

Updated Report files.  These should be copied into your \SEPSVO\Data\ directory.


This file should be copied into your \SEPSVO\Bin directory.  It is required for all versions after 0.023.


HH Base GUI.dll

24 Jan 2003

HH Sizeable GUI.dll

31 Jan 2003

These are files that should be copied into your \SEPSVO\Bin directory.  They will be present when there has been a subsequent update / bug correction since the InstallDisk creation.


The file you are currently reading.

Using the Program

Some Screen Shots

Figure 1: PFD Data entry screen, with tabs to get to applicable information

Notice that the current department’s total NSF is always displayed, and is updated dynamically as you edit the Qty and Room Size.  The Total PFD NSF is available toward the top of the window.  You can update this by clicking on the “Gear” Button.  Switching phases, showing all (zero rooms) or switching to baseline from projected year is performed on the fly.  NSF totals automatically reflect the correct phase, and fiscal year.

Moving departments is done at the top of the window, using video style buttons.

Cut and Paste is fully supported.  Copy a comment from one room and paste it into each room, no more retyping the same comment.

Figure 2: Adding rooms is now possible, choose from the current department 's rooms or from all possible rooms, quickly search all rooms

You can add several rooms at a time to the current department PFD.  You can switch between only the department room types of all Criteria Room Types on the fly, and back again.  Search by Room Code (begins with) or by key work search.  Just click on the list to pick a room, or two or more.  The grey area shows the PFD line numbers from the criteria which are being added.

Figure 3: Rooms content lists are always available for viewing by clicking the tab

The tabs are automatically synchronized to the currently selected PFD room.  So switching to the contents of a room is fast, to be sure that this is the room you think it is. 

Figure 4: View multiple project PFDs at time, or the same PFD's different departments, and edit in both.

You can open multiple PFD windows simultaneously to allow cross checking between various projects or versions.  You can open the same project PFD multiple times too, to allow comparing departments in the same PFD version.

Figure 5: Check the Input data while working in the PFD.

The PFD Input Data can also be viewed and edited while working on the project’s PFD.

Figure 6: View and edit the criteria files too!

The application allows viewing and editing the criteria files too, not just the PFDs.  ***WARNING*** You break it you bought it!

Starting the Viewer

To start the viewer application, double click on the HHSEPSViewer.exe.

You will be prompted to enter the paths to the locations of the data files for the SEPS Viewer application, and also to the paths of the DOD SEPS PFD application, criteria and project folders. 

Reporting Bugs!

The HHSEPSViewer application includes the opportunity to record any Bugs that you observe, or enhancements that you would like to see.  This option is located from the main menu “Tools-Report a Bug”.  You can then email to me the two files “BugList.dbf” and “BugList.fpt” both of which are in the \HHApps\SEPSVO\Data directory.  Consolidated updated bug listings will be posted on this directory. 

Converting PFD Files

To use the HHSEPSViewer application on your real SEPS PFD files, you must run the HHSEPSConverter.exe.  This program is located in the \HHApps\SEPSVO\Bin directory.  You can run this program by double clicking on the executable.   When it starts up, you will be prompted to select a form, click “OK”, (see Figure 3 below).  Once the form is open, you have three directories to be converted (see Figure 4 below).  They are the SEPS\Criteria directory, the SEPS\PROJECTS directory and the directory for each individual project (located under the \SEPS\PROJECTS directory.  This converter application will preserve your original SEPS files by first copying them into a sub-directory called \ORIG and the creating a converted copy in the sub-directory \XBASE.  After conversion it then copies the converted files into the normal work directory.  After conversion, SEPS will still operate normally, but now the SEPSViewer application can allow easy manipulation of the files.

Figure 7: Start up screen for the HHSEPSConverter application

Figure 8: HHSEPSConverter main utility window, does equipment files too and includes fixer for index files.

Version Status

Following is a listing of changes made for each version:




  Projected: 2003


Future version will allow viewing and editing equipment plan files. 22 April 2003 Recompile.  Corrected problem with reports not functioning, no code changes. 21 April 2003 Solved problem of crashing when selecting the phase of the project on the PFD window. Crashing was related to new indexing for department selections. 11 April 2003 Continued correction of the index problem, new components for SEPSConverter created check time stamp. Discovered it was the incorrect collation being set (needed to be CLIPPER). 10 April 2003 Corrected indexes for criteria and project files. Requires reuse of the NEW HHSEPSConverter v0.02 to perform initial build of project and critera file indexes. 8 April 2003 Departments that exist but are not included are no longer printed in PFD nor are they shown in the total PFD NSF. 7 April 2003 Continued correction of crash that occurred when changing the a line item in a large PFD. 7 April 2003 Corrected crashes that occurred when extremely large PFDs are created, with departments totalling over 100 million NSF.  Also corrected reports to properly display such extra large PFDs and NSF.
No Version Change 3 March 2003 A new installation process provides support for uninstallation of the SEPS Viewer application in all windows environments.  A single setup.exe file is provided for the complete installation.  No change to the application itself.


24 Feb 2003


Enabled new PFD report which automatically adjusts to default and custom GSF factors


12 Feb 2003


Corrected error occurring when a failed attempt to logon to the remote bug list is reattempted.


11 Feb 2003


Utilizes a remote access to a central bug list file located on the VWI VPN.  Application will allow toggling of local copy of bug list or the central version.  Unfortunately the report will only utilize the local bug list file. 9 Feb 2003 Enabled XP Visual Styles, application will not look like an XP application if running on a Windows XP machine.

7 Feb 2003

Enabled ability to handle multi-section reports, suitable for working with redesigned PFD report.

4 Feb 2003

Corrected bug where changes in line number were not being carried over to the projRms.dbf and subsequently sub-department information was being lost. Also corrected changes to room name being updated in the ProjRms.dbf file.

31 Jan 2003

Corrected issue of resizing losing the bottom horizontal scroll bar.Created smaller windows that are now displayable in 1024x768 resolution. 800x600 and less is not supportable.

29 Jan 2003

Corrected issue where a project directory without backinfo.dbf would cause a crash.Added version history as part of the about screen. Set line numbers in the PFD Criteria to read-only. Corrected PFD listing so that changes to the line number will also change the PFD criteria line numbers. Corrected PFD so that when a new line number is added or changed a sub department record is created to ensure that a subdepartment name can be established. Corrected problems with display updates of dept and subdept when switching views from browse to form view. Changed title of PFD window to show project title too.

28 Jan 2003

Implemented new version numbering scheme, WITH automatic update. Corrected skipping problems when viewing space criteria rules in its own criteria window and when in the browse view.


27 Jan 2003

Added links to web pages and email in the 'About' popup screen. Corrected dependencies on old DLLs.


25 Jan 2003

Corrected initial start up splash screen errors.  Error only occurred on initial start up after installation and before setting paths to data sets.

Added ability to select room codes from PFD listing through a drop down list.

Added ability to select JSN from Room Contents listing through a drop down list.


24 Jan 2003

Corrected display of LineItem NSF, and update of Department Level NSF totals.

Added SEPS action of appending to TRACKREC.txt the PFD changes (all default to Project level changes, no criteria changes are tracked or appended).  This is a text file in each project directory that keeps a running list of all changes made to the PFD from creation.

Fixed Resizing window losing the bottom scroll bar.

Set readonly for columns about Default RoomSizes, RoomQtys, RoomOccupants, and DOD Name.


23 Jan 2003

Set Read Only conditions to the Department, RoomCode and Fiscal year for the PFD browse display, user can still edit the phase, and line_number.

Added a combobox pick list for room codes in the form view of the PFD.

RoomContents tab now identified that this is the Criteria RoomContents being displayed (not the project's version).

Created Install disk for easier setup.  Added ability to copy over the SEPS Criteria files with my updates/corrections.


21 Jan 2003

Added ability to run prepared reports.  This includes reports for criteria, the HHSEPSViewer application itself (buglisting) and also the currently opened project.

Created reports for listing Cat E&F with likely costs.

Created report for listing Telephone counts and DataPort receptacles, useful for preparing DD1391s

Created report listing Rooms by Room_Code (functionally)-suitable for performing review of total plant capability, and counts of toilets, exams etc.

Created report of PFD (still under development).  Report shows total NSF and interdepartment NSF but does not yet calculate GSF or provide a department level summary listing.


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